Tuesday, 30 October 2012

boxes and bags

 a box of two Christmas crackers
a pillow box bag, a square pillow box and a square box.
a gift card holder the next pic is of the inside of it.
has taken me all day to get these last things done!!
gym tomorrow again to get some energy flowing again.

box card - first online project for me

 I have just joined crafters anonymous and this was my first project done online.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Recipe Holder

I came across this lovely recipe holder by "Laura' The Paper Trail'.
It is lovely to make and her instructions are very good. My photography as usual is terrible - the inside has little holders with cards inside so you can write recipes (or put photos on) or it could even be used as an address list etc.  I may add some more decoration to it.

You know you are tired when you find that the new double sided tape that you are using does not stick - only to discover (after getting very frustrated) that you have not taken the backing paper off it!!!!!!! ha ha.

House shaped book

I made this book in the shape of a house. Front of house is pic 1.  My photography is terrible and I am not sure how to get these pics in a row instead of up and down like this. But here are some of the pages anyway.

My new Craft Cupboard

 I rescued this cupboard from a friend who was about to put it in the rubbish as it had a little damage to it.
I took out 3 of the drawers and added shelves for my 12x12 papers. I need to add some shelves to the inside of the cupboard yet, but all in good time.

On the front I covered a small board with blackboard vinyl so I can write up things I run out of, added some little critters from 'create a critter' cartridge, added a container for the chalk (bottom of a milk carton), and a cloth for cleaning blackboard.
the drawers I have used for my cutting and embossing folders.