Sunday, 29 April 2012

inside of 'first explosion box'

 this is the inside of that explosion box. have not worked out how to put more than one pic on the same posting yet. will have to have another chat with the expert (flos-a-scrappin) this morning and find out what to do.
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explosion box

 this is my first explosion box.
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cards and envelopes

 these are some cards and matching envelopes that I made from the Cindy Loo and the Create a Critter carts. The pics show the back of the envelopes and the front of them are plain ready for address's to be put on.
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Friday, 27 April 2012

Margarets Card

I made this 'thank you' card for Margaret for all that she had given me. The flowers I made from squares of paper. Holding the 'square' in a diamond position and fold each side over to form as per the finished flower shown on the card. I cut a thin strip of yellow paper for the centres. I used green ribbon for the stems and draped it down to the vase, then put a piece of the same ribbon under the 'stems' and tied them in a bow. 

Thursday, 26 April 2012


I made these bookmarks with a NZ theme for some young boys from Thailand. Plain book marks edged in Glorious Green and sponged in Green Galore. Cut outs of North and South Isands, kiwis and silver ferns. Fish Hooks and silver fern New Zealand are stickers. Used 'rub-on' letters to put the boys names on the bottom.

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lantern again

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kiwi lantern

 Flo had taught me how to make a lantern. This one is made in black and white and has little kiwi's punched from a punch 'with no name on it'. I have put little red bling in the centre of each flower and spamped a flower up the velum tube part. have spent over an hour trying to get this photo onto my blog (need Flo again) so will try and get photos of the other side that has the puppy from create a critter cartridge on it.
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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

the first pic

This is Flo, Madges sister, this the only pic I have of my sister Madge's work as I deleted all my emails and so she is going to have to upload some more pics.