Sunday, 19 February 2017

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February Newsletter - Madges Creations

Madge’s Creations
Newsletter – February 2017

Hi Everyone,

Well it is almost the end of February now!!  And what a busy time February has been so far…
As I said in the last newsletter, I have been part of the “Girls Sheds” and this was held yesterday – for just over a week Flo and I have been busy little bees cutting and glue-ing  our creations together ready for “the day”.
Some lovely gentlemen came round on Saturday afternoon and put up a flag to show people where we were – some ‘nice’ people came round during the night and took it away!! – say no more!!  Flo and I were up bright and early to make sure we had everything ready for people to come and see and buy. The lovely Rotary men came early and replaced our flag – the day was to start at 9am and shortly after that we had our first car load arrive. It was wonderful to meet so many people who came to see (and buy) what I do here and to meet Flo.  I hope that everyone enjoy their day travelling round all the ‘Girls Sheds’ to see what everyone does.  I did wonder what I would do if I retired – now I am wondering how I ever had time to go to work!! 

A big THANK YOU from me goes out to:
Marilyn for all her hard work
David and his helpers who were at our gate for the day
Flo – the “Cricut Queen” and my sister for all her support and help
Anne, Ann, Joycelyn and Heather who kept us fed and watered during the day
To everyone who came to our shed on the day.

Meeting and making new friends is wonderful.

A number of you have asked if we can do Cricut nights so following are the dates for our next Card Classes and Cricut Nights:

March 2017

Wednesday 1st      This will be our first Cricut Night.  6.30pm till 9pm
It is important that you let me know prior that you will be here so that I can have enough places set up.

Tuesday 7th          10.30am – card class

Wednesday 8th     6.45pm – card class

Thursday 9th        1.30pm and again at 6.45pm

Saturday 11th        10.30pm and again at 1.30pm

** the Tue, Wed, and Sat classes do the same card. ($5 each)
    The Thur class does a different card. ($10 ea)

CRICUTER’S – we will be doing a cricut class on the 1st (as above) and also on 15th, after that our regular ‘Cricut night’ will be the Wednesday night following our card class week.

Don’t forget to ‘book your seat’ at one of the classes – give me a call or email. As I need to re-arrange our craft room if you can let me know by 28th Feb. that would be great.

A few pic’s from the ‘day’ are on my blog which you will find at:

I wish you all happy crafting


Ph: 353-3880

 bbq card
band Rotunda

Tinkerbell lantern - taken at night with a t-light inside lantern

basket of flowers in containers

 Sewing machine, cake mixer, Mrs Pots, Coffee pot

Saturday, 21 January 2017

January 2017 Newsletter 1.



Hi All,

I decided that as we are now almost through January I had better get my act together and send out our newsletter.
I do hope  you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your family and friends – for most of us I think the weather was not our usual ‘hot summer sun’ days – however being with family and special friends it really doesn’t matter what the weather is like. To those of you who found 2016 a bit of a challenge with life and health I do hope that 2017 will bring you improved health, no stress, and lots of fun times.

Some of you know that we have one of our grandsons living with us as his mum lives overseas and he attends Uni here. Keith and I thought it would be a nice ‘gift’ to both him and his mum if we sent him over to spend Christmas with her. So for several weeks prior to Christmas each time I spoke with her on skype  etc I tried to get information as to when she had holidays and if she was working over Christmas or going away etc without letting her know that he was coming. So – we ‘invented’ a young lady and called her ‘Jan’ telling our daughter that ‘Jan’ was coming to Dubai and would she be able to stay with her for a day or two. Our daughter was delighted to put up a New Zealander for a few days and agreed to meet her at the airport (at 5.30am!!).
What a surprise she got when she was standing there with a card that read “Jan” and Lucas walked up and said “Hi Mum, Merry Christmas”!!! she was SOOOOOOOOO  surprised and we were all so happy that we had managed to keep the secret for so long. They had a wonderful 3 weeks together.
Keith and I went out to our granddaughters place for Christmas day and they put on a wonderful bbq for us and we sat outside and watch the little ones play and just relaxed and enjoyed everyone’s’ company. It was sooo nice (and I did not have to do a thing!!!).
It was also a special time for me over Christmas as I had the privilege of having Flo here for about 10 days. She spent Christmas day and New Year Day with her family and then came back and spent just over a week here with us. 
Then, one of our exchange students, who stayed with us 6 years ago, came back to New Zealand and stayed a few days with us as she travelled around to see some of the places that she did not get to see when she was here as a student. It is so nice to have students at 16 and 17 years old as they attend our schools and then see them again 6 years later all grown up!!!

Right – on the crafting front – I have been busy almost ‘living’ in the craft room and creating all sorts of lovely items (great as Flo was here).

I thought that I would give you all a little break though January and let you get over Christmas and get schooling all sorted before we began again. I know it is a very busy time for a lot of you. SO, now is the time to start creating again and our classes will begin in February on the following dates:

Tuesday 7th February       10.30am

Wednesday 8th February                        6.45pm

Thursday 9th February     1.30pm  and again at 6.45pm

Saturday 11th February   10.30am  and again at 1.30pm

As a number of us now own (or are interested in owning) Cricuts, please let me know if you are interested in doing a “Cricut Time” on a Saturday or Sunday on a regular basis. This would be where you could bring along your Cricut and laptop, work on your own projects and/or learn & share with others here. Of course there are purchased SVG files that cannot be ‘shared’ , however when you see something that someone has done you may like to purchase it – sometimes it is seeing something finished that encourages you to want to make it yourself.  For those new to Cricut we can share information like how to purchase files, how to up-load them, how to size them etc and of course making sure we all know how to save them so we don’t loose them!!  For those who are more advanced it will be great to share more advanced info.
ANYWAY – do let me know if you are interested.

And as always – please let me know which class you will be coming to so I have enough packs ready. Don’t forget, you can always bring a friend.

This year I have decided to keep the cost of the classes to $5.00 per pack for Tuesday,  Wednesday and Saturday classes and $10 for Thursday classes.
I am still happy to purchase any dies / stamps / cardstock / craft items / cut images etc,  you may like.  (Items ordered this year will need to be paid for at the time of ordering)


This is run as a Rotary Club of Takaro Project – guaranteed to be a great day!!

Read on……….
Tickets can be purchased from: PN I-Site, Caltex Energy Centre (Tremain Ave), Capers CafĂ©, and Bernina Sewing Centre (pays to take cash – those some have ‘cash-out’ facilities.

The tickets are $30 and INCLUDES lunch!!  How is that for great value!

SO – get your tickets - grab a map, fill a car with your besties and head out for the day to see what the Girls of Palmy and surrounding areas are doing in their special spaces.

The ‘Girls Sheds” will be open from 9am – 4.30pm.


Well I am going back to doing some crafting for the day as it has just started pouring down with rain again!! Good time for crafting.

I look forward to seeing those of you who come to classes and to hearing from those of you who are a little distance away. 

Well the rain is certainly pelting down now so am off for a cup of tea before crafting for the afternoon.

Happy Crafting to you all,

Madge’s Creations.

(If any of you who are a distance away and would like info on doing a ‘Girls Sheds” in your area do give me a call/email, and I can pass on details to you.)

flower basket in box (file from Tina Fitch) - BBQ card (The Treasure Box)

 some of my efforts over the past few days.