Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Mailbox flower box card by Dreaming Tree

This is another svg file from Dreaming Tree. It is a mail box - flower box-card. So it folds sideways to go flat to fit into an envelope. It is quite easy to put together. I had a couple of extra flowers in my 'left overs' container so I added them in - the one on the right has a couple of roses added and the one on the left has a hydrangea flower left over from the Mothers Hydrangea file from Dreaming Tree.
Both of these just need sentiments added to them now - I will wait until I decide who to give them to and decide on the sentiment at that time.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Night before Pinkalicious 2016

well it is the night before Pinkalicious. Flo arrived here on Wednesday afternoon and we have been putting together the things we would like to do while there. I had to work yesterday morning and this morning so we have been busy during the afternoons. 
Our household is a bit crazy at the moment - Flo here, the guys working all sorts of shifts night and day, I working mornings and new student arrived!! I have managed to vacuum the house (quickly), make the beds, do the laundry, load dishwasher and put the crock pot on ready for tomorrow nights dinner. To vacuum in this house is an experience as every time I walk out of my craft room little bits of cardstock seem to delight in coming with me, however they are not intent on staying on my shoes/slippers but jump off at varying places along the hall and lounge, even some of them attaching themselves to the cats. Little hearts, glittery bits, shapes of all sorts!!! I have even been know to find bits and pieces in my bed!!!
Well I am off to cut some more ready for tomorrow. Need to be up early in the morning. 
will be back on here hopefully with some pics of how we do at Pinkalicious.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

my post for today 8.5.16

It's Mothers Day today, I hope that all you mums out there are having a great time with your families. Family is sooooo important - near or far, it is wonderful that technology keeps us in contact with each other, and I have had lots of messages from afar.  I was taken out to lunch by my wonderful eldest daughter yesterday and it was sooo nice. As we are both really busy and work different shifts it is great to catch up when we can. 
This morning I am on my cricut again trying out new things - will see how they turn out as to whether I put photos on here or not. It is a quiet day in our household, hubby at work and grandson sleeping - he is working nights so sleeps days. It gives me some time to potter in my craft room and give it a clean up ready for class's next week. 

Went and saw the movie 'God's Not Dead 2" last week and am going again this afternoon with a friend - if you have not seen it do try and go - it is a great movie and well worth seeing - hence I am going for the 2nd time. I often feel that for me I get more out of a good movie when I see it again. It is based on a true story and these kind of movies always appeal to me. This is one that I will watch for the video to come out and purchase it.

Great grand son - 6 years old- had a teddy that he loves and unfortunately teddy lost an eye - I am ok with card crafts but no good with giving teddies new eyes, so off to my dear friend who knows everything about those sorts of things and yesterday we went and picked up teddy with a lovely new set of eyes!!! GGSon was soooo pleased and proud. A HUGH big thank you to Anne for a wonderful job and a happy little boy.

I have got (or at least borrowed from my sister) a soup maker. Well over the last couple of weeks it has run every single day!! what a wonderful machine! I spent an hour or so chopping up vegs of all sorts and popping them into containers in the fridge. I come out - take a handful of each veg and put into the Soup Maker, press the button and wha lar in 20 min I have a lovely meal. Soooo easy and sooo nice, especially on the nights that are a little cooler now. Oh and it also makes a great hot chocolate too!!

Question time: why is it that a parcel sent from Auckland to Palmerston North takes over a week and a parcel from UAE takes 3 days!!! Same going the other way - I sent a package to Rae and it takes about 4 - 5 weeks, she sends one to me and it takes 3 - 4 days!! how can that be? 
I guess the main thing is that the package arrives in the end.
I am off to have a tidy up of my craft table now and cut some more from by beloved Cricut.
Hope you all have a lovely day. 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Madges Newsletter - May 2016

MAY 2016

Hi All,

Well I am on the ball this month – it is only 5th and I am onto the newsletter!! I am noticing that our weather is starting to get a little cooler some days – just letting us know that winter will not be far away, good time to be crafting.

I have been busy making the lovely swan cards for people for all sorts of occasions. Wedding, Christening etc. It is a lovely card, and I did one in pink and white for a Christening. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo. Have asked the person it was for if she could take a photo for me so will post it when I get it. I have also made a lovely gift box set which has MUM on it. As I do not have a mum to give it to I will probably re-cut the sides and make it a ‘for anyone’ set. Each box can contain a gift so it is quite lovely.

I have also been busy as a bee making cards and tags for Rae for the hospital in AbuDhabi – have another package ready to post off to her now.  I find it amazing that I post a foolscap size bubble wrap envelope to her and it takes 4 to 5 weeks for her to get it – she posts me a package with some lovely baby wear in it (similar size package to the one I sent her) and it arrives in 3 days!!!!! I think it would be quicker for me to fly over and give her our packages – of course the cost would be a little different ha ha.

Our May classes are going to be on the following days/nights and we will be making the – wait for it – yes the tool card!!! I know that lots of you have been waiting for this one to do.

May 2016:

Tuesday 10th  - 10.30 am

Wednesday 11th – 6.45pm

Thursday 12th – 1.30pm and 6.45pm (different card)

Saturday 14th – 10.30am and 1.30pm

So that I have enough packs cut (especially the tools) please book in with either an email or phone call. If you cannot make one of these times please let me know as I do have other class times that may suit you better.

Dale has won our  February/March “special gift” draw, for those who come two months in a row.

Coming up on the calendar:

Flo will be arriving on Wednesday 18th so anyone wanting any help with their Cricut or  just a catch up with Flo give me a call to make sure we are here and not ‘shopping’.  She will be leaving again on 22nd.

Don’t forget PINKALICIOUS on 21st May – this is a great day run by Margaret and raises money for Hospice. 

Well it is time for me to go pack up Raes things and get them posted to her and to hopefully cut the box card that I would like to do.
I will post this newsletter on my blog which is : so do follow me on there and comment – love to hear from you.

Blessings to you


hydrangea flowers

these are from the 'love you mum' bundle from 3d svg cuts.  the pink/yellow flowers I have cut from Artiste cartridge just to give a different flower. I think I would cut them slightly larger next time. happy with them both. Once I found a way of keeping the little flowers attached it worked ok.