Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Lucas's trip for Christmas

I do hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and that 2017 will be a great year. Over the past few weeks I have been keeping a big secret. Our daughter was talking to me and was a little sad that she would be spending Christmas alone as most of her friends were going to their home country's for the holidays and she was unable to come home. SO we decided as a big suprise we would arranged for our grandson (who is 21yr) to go visit with his mum in Abu Dhabi for Christmas.

Firstly we created a 'fictional friend' named 'Jan" who was going to go to Dubai and needed someone to pick her up and take her to her hotel. Our daughter was delighted to be able to pick up a NZ'er and especially as the fictional Jan was from Palmerston North. It was quite hard work asking questions to get information from her so that we would know that she was actually going to be home for Christmas. We spoke often on skype and each time I talked a little more and asked a few more questions. Seems she managed to get several days off over Christmas - that was good. Then she had to work on the day that he was flying in, so she said 'don't worry, tell 'Jan' (our fictional friend) that I will swap a shift and be there to get her. Then she started asking questions like - how long is she staying? would she like to stay with me? is she visiting family here? Oh dear, I did have to dodge some of those questions.

Well the day came and my sister and I took our grandson to Auckland to catch the flight to Dubai. He boarded the flight and was off on his great surprise journey.  I stayed up most of the night and all the next day I was on my laptop with fb up waiting for him to let us know how things went. He text me from Brisbane, then again when he landed in Dubai. He headed out to the arrivals and text me to say she was not there. I told him to just wait, all would be well, she was probably parking the car. We waited and 5 minutes later the video came up!!!! he walked along the arrivals isle and saw her holding a sign "JAN" he walked up and said 'hi'!! she was sooooo surprised so with lots of tears and laughter and questions they met again. She asked 'is Jan coming' - he laughed and said 'no, I am 'Jan' she is not real'

Enjoy your Christmas both of you - with all our love.

I will try and find some way of putting the video up on here. not sure how so need to ask an expert for help to do.

I big thank you to my sister for coming with us to the airport, for keeping me calm though the excitement, and also a big thank you to our friend in Hamilton who put us up for a few nights before we went to Auckland and when we came back.

next trip will be going up to Auckland to get him when he returns!!

in the mean time I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and remember it is all about family and the love between you.