Sunday, 19 February 2017

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February Newsletter - Madges Creations

Madge’s Creations
Newsletter – February 2017

Hi Everyone,

Well it is almost the end of February now!!  And what a busy time February has been so far…
As I said in the last newsletter, I have been part of the “Girls Sheds” and this was held yesterday – for just over a week Flo and I have been busy little bees cutting and glue-ing  our creations together ready for “the day”.
Some lovely gentlemen came round on Saturday afternoon and put up a flag to show people where we were – some ‘nice’ people came round during the night and took it away!! – say no more!!  Flo and I were up bright and early to make sure we had everything ready for people to come and see and buy. The lovely Rotary men came early and replaced our flag – the day was to start at 9am and shortly after that we had our first car load arrive. It was wonderful to meet so many people who came to see (and buy) what I do here and to meet Flo.  I hope that everyone enjoy their day travelling round all the ‘Girls Sheds’ to see what everyone does.  I did wonder what I would do if I retired – now I am wondering how I ever had time to go to work!! 

A big THANK YOU from me goes out to:
Marilyn for all her hard work
David and his helpers who were at our gate for the day
Flo – the “Cricut Queen” and my sister for all her support and help
Anne, Ann, Joycelyn and Heather who kept us fed and watered during the day
To everyone who came to our shed on the day.

Meeting and making new friends is wonderful.

A number of you have asked if we can do Cricut nights so following are the dates for our next Card Classes and Cricut Nights:

March 2017

Wednesday 1st      This will be our first Cricut Night.  6.30pm till 9pm
It is important that you let me know prior that you will be here so that I can have enough places set up.

Tuesday 7th          10.30am – card class

Wednesday 8th     6.45pm – card class

Thursday 9th        1.30pm and again at 6.45pm

Saturday 11th        10.30pm and again at 1.30pm

** the Tue, Wed, and Sat classes do the same card. ($5 each)
    The Thur class does a different card. ($10 ea)

CRICUTER’S – we will be doing a cricut class on the 1st (as above) and also on 15th, after that our regular ‘Cricut night’ will be the Wednesday night following our card class week.

Don’t forget to ‘book your seat’ at one of the classes – give me a call or email. As I need to re-arrange our craft room if you can let me know by 28th Feb. that would be great.

A few pic’s from the ‘day’ are on my blog which you will find at:

I wish you all happy crafting


Ph: 353-3880

 bbq card
band Rotunda

Tinkerbell lantern - taken at night with a t-light inside lantern

basket of flowers in containers

 Sewing machine, cake mixer, Mrs Pots, Coffee pot