Friday, 20 May 2016

Night before Pinkalicious 2016

well it is the night before Pinkalicious. Flo arrived here on Wednesday afternoon and we have been putting together the things we would like to do while there. I had to work yesterday morning and this morning so we have been busy during the afternoons. 
Our household is a bit crazy at the moment - Flo here, the guys working all sorts of shifts night and day, I working mornings and new student arrived!! I have managed to vacuum the house (quickly), make the beds, do the laundry, load dishwasher and put the crock pot on ready for tomorrow nights dinner. To vacuum in this house is an experience as every time I walk out of my craft room little bits of cardstock seem to delight in coming with me, however they are not intent on staying on my shoes/slippers but jump off at varying places along the hall and lounge, even some of them attaching themselves to the cats. Little hearts, glittery bits, shapes of all sorts!!! I have even been know to find bits and pieces in my bed!!!
Well I am off to cut some more ready for tomorrow. Need to be up early in the morning. 
will be back on here hopefully with some pics of how we do at Pinkalicious.

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