Friday, 27 April 2012

Margarets Card

I made this 'thank you' card for Margaret for all that she had given me. The flowers I made from squares of paper. Holding the 'square' in a diamond position and fold each side over to form as per the finished flower shown on the card. I cut a thin strip of yellow paper for the centres. I used green ribbon for the stems and draped it down to the vase, then put a piece of the same ribbon under the 'stems' and tied them in a bow. 


  1. Madge I love them all but this one is my favorite as Catalilies are my favorite flowers. Great job on all your project. You are very talented and you didn't know it... hugs

    1. thanks Ema, you are very encouraging. Never thought that I would be doing this but am loving it and learning new things all the time.