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August 2016 News letter

Madges Newsletter
August 2016

What a great weekend we had at Wellington Paper Arts!! Lovely craft stalls, lovely people!! Congrats to those of you who now have a Cricut buzzing away at your house.  I finally got my voice back after so much talking! 

I am looking at holding a ‘Cricut day” in Wellington soon, so if you have a Cricut and are in the Wellington area keep watch for when that will be – soon I hope!!

As some of you will have seen Three Little Whimzee’s have finally moved into their lovely new premises at 50 Devonport Road in Tauranga. If you are not near Tauranga do check out their website ( with the lovely items they have for sale.  Also Cricut supplies.  Flo has been cutting like crazy for them and things are looking really lovely. Congratulation to Juliet and Dion, hope you do well and prosper in the new premises.

STOP PRESS STOP PRESS: oh no! I have just heard Dion and Juliet had their truck broken into and heaps of their lovely stuff has been stolen!! What a horrible thing to happen – however they are on to it and will be up and running again by Friday 2nd.  Lets hope that the people who did this get caught!!! 

Back in the Manawatu – we have had a couple of ‘cricut days’ and are looking forward to having them at least once a month on a regular basis.  Will let everyone know when we have sorted the dates. I would like these sessions to be for very new to very experienced people. The idea is to share ideas and knowledge with each other. For those new to Cricut I would like to be able to have some one-on-one time.  If you are interested please let me know so I can make sure you are kept informed.

Our Card Class Dates for September are:

Tuesday 13th                        10.30am
Wednesday 14th                 6.45pm
Thursday 15th                      1.30pm and 6.45pm
Saturday 17th                      10.30 am and 1.30pm

Dare I say…. It will only be 14 weeks to Christmas!!! I know that some of you are getting started with Christmas cards and decorations, especially those that need to be posted overseas. The days do seem to go by quickly and I often sit here and wonder ‘what happened to 2016” It seems to have flown by!!

I decided in all the busy-ness that I needed a ‘time out’ so a couple of weeks ago I went to see Poi E the movie – I found it very informative, a lovely movie to watch, and SO enjoyed the music. Then earlier this week I went and saw Shallows – the one about the shark!! If you enjoy surfing and swimming in the sea it is probably not the movie you want to see (ha ha) – however I did enjoy it. I was pleased that I went during the day as I do not think that I would have slept well if I had gone at night!! And having a surfing grandson – well I wont think about that!!

Young Zak came and spent the weekend with us and wanted to do ‘something on the Cricut’ – so this is what he made… He choose what to make and what to put on it…a box with ‘happy father’s day’ on it for his dad.  He used my Cricut very well!!  Naturally we had to fill box with lollies!
DSCF3779.JPG New little baby sister is doing very well and at one month old is sleeping through the night!!

I am trying to keep my blog up to date – so you may like to follow my blog on

I know that some of you have been unwell, especially with the cold and wind that we have had here. I do hope that you are all starting to feel heaps better as we head into the nicer weather. 

Remember, come to card class for two consecutive months and go in the draw for a goodie bag.

Happy crafting,


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