Thursday, 2 August 2012

Jetts Gym Olympics

our gym is holding a fun 'Olympics' during the official Olympic Games. You enter each of 8 events and medals will be awarded. Events are: run 1km, bike 5km, distance rowed in 2 min, # pull ups, # bench press, # squats, # shoulder press, ? you can hold the 'plank' position. The staff have put up some fun rules. They have also added that bribes are accepted. So my gym buddy and I decided to "bribe". I made the coffee cups from Tags,Bags,Boxes and More 2 and filled them with a Hazelnut Coffee, a Hot Chocolate, a Tea Bag and I made a 'pillow box' and put a wee plastic bag of sugar in it and added to the coffee mugs. Then made the 'holder' to put them in. Oh and I put their initial on the front of their mug along with the Olympic Rings. The 3 girls I put in one 'holder'. Then made wee bags and put in a bite size choc bar and some choc medals. These pics show the front and the back of the bag. (made 3 the same). We are going to take them in tomorrow - Oh my hope they don't check out my blog before tomorrow!!!!

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