Saturday, 25 August 2012

Back Pack

front of backpac
back of backpack
 I spent a day making a 'back pack' for our gym trainer. first pic is the front with a 'pocket' at the bottom.
Next pic is the back showing the straps

this is the side with a tiny lanyard with a 'swipe card' attached. the wee
side with 'swipe card'
swipe card fits into the criss-cross pocket on the side of the bag.

other side
 This is the other side with the white strip half way up. in the middle of the white strip is the words 'workout on your terms'
front pocket with 'business card' inside
 In the front pocket I made a 'business card' and popped in the pocket
towel to go in backpack
 I used red felt and embroidered the letters on with white cotton, then rolled it up to go into the backpac as a towel. Also in the pack I put a wee drink bottle and a small round container with some jelly beans. Of course it is great to do a workout with headphones on so I just had to make these cute headphones to go in the bag too.
headphones to go in backpack
head phones.
I am rather pleased with how this has turned out and do hope that he likes it.

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