Sunday, 12 August 2012


I decided to try and make a box with butterflies. I welded two butterflies at the wing tips (on the gypsy) from the Gypsy wanderings cart. Cut two thus giving me 4 butterflies. I made a box-bottom with the sides just 1cm high and stuck the butterflies to it. I used florist wire to go from one corner to the other. covered on with red ribbon and made red butterflies and flowers and cut greenery to put up the other wire. I cut the same butterfly as in the sides (just smaller) to go on the top. To make it into a 'hanging' basket I put ribbon through the top butterfly wings and under the wire at the top - it worked well but I want to do it in white ribbon so have taken the red out at the moment.  I am very pleased with the outcome of this. may have another go.

where the butterflys are 'double sided taped' to the base of the box it left a wee gap so I covered it in glitter - I thought it turned out quite effective.
I think i will make a large bow of ribbon and sit it in the basket - not sure yet.

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